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Terms of Use while using TheTimeshareBrokers.com

  1. Please conduct yourself in a professional manner while on TTB and at the Resort destination.If there are rules that your home resort, homeowners association, or applicable exchange company requires for you to engage in a rental, sale, or trade, you are responsible to know, and comply with, those rules. As we learn about these rules, we may provide information about them, but cannot be responsible for your compliance or the compliance of others who you contact.
  2. Be respectful.

    When you are communicating with any broker or rental agent, please understand that we have many clients and we pride ourselves on providing satisfactory customer service to all of those clients. We reserve the right to determine whether your language is in violation of this rule and cancel your account, or otherwise limit your ability to post if we deem necessary. 
  3. TheTimeshareBrokers.com is not responsible for information that is inaccurate or incorrect.

    Owners post the information solely on the timeshare information they provide regarding the sale or rental of their timeshare property.  If there is something that you need to change on your advertisement, please email info@thetimesharebrokers.com.
    TTB has the right to edit user-posted data if we are made aware of a factual error. If an inaccuracy causes some sort of problem, we apologize but no one at TTB can be held responsible for damages. 
  4. Updates to the terms or other page.We may make changes to these terms of service page, and it is your responsibility to stay up-to-date. 

Rentals and Resales – Rules for Both Parties in a Transaction

  1. Success rate of rentals and resales.

    TTB cannot guarantee a timeframe as to when your timeshare will attract a buyer or renter nor for any monetary amount that your timeshare unit will yield.  Success rates do vary based on resort location, quality of your resort, bedroom size, week number, maintenance fees, asking price and view.  We may consult you on a range of where other owners are listing similar properties, but in no way is TTB liable for or guaranteeing that your timeshare will sell or rent.
  2. Follow the guidelines for posting your unit.

    You must be legally able to sell or rent designated time period for the unit you post for sale or rent on TTB. You must describe your unit or offering accurately and disclose all terms of sale in your posting. Participating in a sales presentation cannot be a condition of renting any timeshare property.

    Your postings may include descriptions, pictures and specific info regarding the timeshare you are looking to sell or rent. No other advertisements not pertaining to timeshare property will be removed.

    If we have reason to believe your posting is fraudulent, we reserve the right to remove any posting at our full discretion. 
  3. We cannot confirm the identity of our users.
    We do pre-qualify the renters and buyers that are shopping our inventory but cannot confirm the identity of any of our users ultimately.

Rental Process for Owners and Renters

Are you going on vacation?

How to rent a timeshare for your next vacation:

  1. Call us at 407-704-7818 to speak to one of our Vacation Specialists.
  2. We will assist you in selecting the destination, resort, unit and dates which best suit your needs.
  3. Our rental agent will find your desired rental and negotiated the price on your behalf.
  4. Submit your payment details and sign and return the rental agreement.*
  5. An electronic receipt is sent to the email address you provided for your payment.
  6. At this point, your reservation is 100% guaranteed.
  7. Within 10-14 business days you will receive a confirmation letter with record of your name on the resort reservation. (Please note that for a small number of resorts, rental confirmations are not released until 30 days before the check-in date.)

Are you an owner renting out your timeshare?

Our rental process:

  1. Once you have negotiated a rental price with one of our agents, you will need to provide us with a valid email address.
  2. Sign and return the rental agreement.
  3. A payment letter will be sent to you, along with a company check or wire transfer. Alternately, we can provide payment via PayPal.*
  4. Once you receive the check, you have 5 business days to have the renter’s name transferred onto your resort reservation.

*Owners, please be aware that there is a 2.9% fee in order for us to process payments to you via PayPal.

Last-Minute Rentals

If you are booking a vacation at the last-minute or renting out your unit within 2 week window, some exceptions apply to our normal rental process. 

For rental reservations within a 2 week window:

Renters, please be aware that your name may not appear on the resort reservation until 24 hours before check-in.

Cancellation Policy 

Regarding the cancellation policy, because you are renting from an individual owner in order to get your name on the reservation as a guest we have to pay the owner in full.  Therefore we do not have a cancellation policy because they don’t.  However, if for some reason you couldn’t go feel free to notify us and we can re-rent it for you.

We also recommend travel insurance, in which we can provide all the information in regards to purchasing the policy options upon request.  Email info@thetimesharebrokers.com for more information. 

Unauthorized Uses of the Site

Do not use information on TTB without our permission.

As a user of TTB, you are not allowed to or copy any information from the website and or any user information pertaining to timeshare sale or rental posting.

If you are aware of or experience any content, activity or communication through or in connection with the site that appears to be in violation of the above restrictions, or in violation of any other provision of these Terms, we ask that you please email info@thetimesharebrokers.com.

Links to Third Party Sites

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