Are You a Wyndham Owner?


Are you currently a Wyndham Vacation Resorts owner and looking for options on how to cover your maintenance fees or to get out of the timeshare completely?

We’ve found that many owners purchase timeshares but have overestimated how much they will be able to travel and truly enjoy their memberships.  They are then stuck paying the maintenance fees with nothing in return.  Sound familiar?

If it does, we have the solution for you.  The Vacation Advantage is looking for Platinum or Presidential Reserve owners interested in options for their maintenance fees headaches.  WE CAN help you cover your maintenance fees.

Contact us today at 855-682-4155 to discuss our life changing program.  Free yourself of those cumbersome maintenance fees.

Some of the highlights are listed below:

  • NO Cost to You! There are no fees for owners to enter our program.
  • Sick of paying your fees? We’ll pay them for you.
  • Not using your ownership anymore? We’ll pay you for the unused points.
  • Still want to travel occasionally? We can help you book at preferred rates when you do want to travel.


Contact us today at 855-682-4155 to learn more about gaining “The Vacation Advantage”.